PIX2WIN Is The Ultimate Fan Engagement Platform
PIX2WIN is a fan engagement platform designed for live events and broadcast. PIX2WIN encourages fans to send in photos from their mobile devices, for a chance to be entered into a LIVE video sweepstakes. The PIX2WIN real-time broadcast graphics engine allows thousands of fans to see themselves on event big screens or on television.

Nothing is as exciting for fans as seeing themselves on the big screens and getting the chance to win prizes. PIX2WIN allows fans to show their true colors in an exciting new way.

Using full screen graphics or scrolling entries with live action with PIX2WIN, sponsors enable fans to become part of the show.



Multilot Live’s PIX2WIN mobile app lets fans take or select photos to instantly enter into live drawings. PIX2WIN app functionality can also be programmed directly into the sponsor’s own app, encouraging app adoption.

Social TV solution

The MultiLot Live Social TV application is a fully automated interactive TV solution. The platform is built using broadcast, web and social media technologies.

Basic Tools

Multilot Live’s event platform offers a range standard services including Text to Screen, Polling, Social Tickers and interactive games, all designed to engage fans and enhance in-venue mobile dialogue with consumers.

Recent Projects using PIX2WIN

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